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Drug test
Urine test
Employment drug test

Drug and Alcohol Testing

Safe job sites start with safe employees.  Drug and Alcohol testing for non-DOT, DOT, and private tests available. POCT/Express tests give you immediate results for employees testing for Pre-Access, Pre-Employment, Post-Offer, Reasonable Suspicion, and Post Accident tests. Tests that require lab confirmation are reported on once confirmed. 

Health and safety
Occupational health 
Hearing test
Mask fit test
Lung function
Workplace medical

On-site mobile services

We bring full service Occupational Health testing to your door: drug and alcohol testing , audiometrics, mask fit testing, custom moulded earplugs, and more. Stay connected and compliant with OHS required testing. Having us on-site saves you money with little employee downtime and immediate results. 

Workplace hearing test
Workplace audio

Audiometrics and more

Make sure you're in compliance with OHS regulations and get your employees hearing tested! Excessive noise in the workplace is a major hazard and can increase a company's liability. We'll create a sound level map that shows you exactly where the noise is too high. We also offer custom moulded earplugs that help protect your employees. 

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We've been testing for drugs, not drug testing, for almost a decade. Give us a call if you have questions about substance abuse in the workplace, or to chat about your Drug & Alcohol and workplace safety/Occupational Health policy. We're happy to review your existing policy at no charge. 

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