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Drug & Alcohol testing
On-site testing

On-site services

We save companies time and money, making your day to day Health & Safety programs more efficient. 

On-site drug & alcohol testing

All testing is performed wherever you are - at work, at home, on-site, even in the middle of a field! Our mobile technician can test virtually anywhere! 

Mobile audiometric testing

Required/legislated hearing tests are simplified with our mobile audio booth trailer. We can test over 100 employees a day, results are physician reviewed (when necessary), and baseline results are given immediately.  

Mask fit testing

Mask fit testing is a necessary part of a teams HSE program. Our mobile technician will bring the equipment required to your site to perform all testing.

Medical Health Assessments

Physician reviewed medical health assessments can help companies determine if an employee is right for a particularly strenuous job, physically fit and able bodied. We specialize in custom-fit medicals to suit your company's requirements.